RDM Showcases first self driving ‘POD’

RDM Group showcases first self driving ‘pod’

The First ever of three electric powered ‘pod’ vehicle named LUTZ Pathfinder, was unveiled outside the Milton Keynes Central train station as a trial project to the pedestrians.

This marked the completion of the first project by Conventry – based manufacturers RDM group. Ahterwards this pod was and over to Oxford University’s mobile Robotics Group (MRG), to implement pod’s autonomous control system. After the installation of autonomous system pod will under go series of calibration tests , henceforth returning to Milton Keynes for the start of public trials.

“This was a very exciting day for everybody involved in the LUTZ Pathfinder project, because it signals the completion of the manufacturing phase and the effective start of the autonomous technology trial,” said Transport Systems Catapult CEO Steve Yianni.

18 months ago there was no sign of this design vehicle but now they are ready with the trial version on the roads, and this has been possible only through the collaboration with RDM, MRG and Milton Keynes Council. It will have a maximum speed of 15 mph but will be settles electronically depending on the travelling environment.

Yianni added that ” Safety was paramount concern throughout their project, hence they wont leave pod alone and a human would always be there during trials. This is a self driving vehicle and people and we need them.

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