Petrol price up 36 paise, diesel up 87 paise


From Today That is monday onwards Petrol Prices have been hiked up and it will be costing Rs 61.06 a litre in delhi that will vary in other places as per the local tax levied. Diesel will cost Rs. 46.80 / litre. State Fuel retailers have considerably raised the price of petrol by 32 paise per litre and that of diesel by 87 paise per litre, according to their fortnightly review and adjusting their foreign exchange rates.  Earlier oil company’s have cut down the price by 50 paise but diesel was untouched.  Earlier today the company’s have revised the price related to global rates.

According to the Indian Oil Corp , nation’s largest fossil fuel retailers has stated on sunday” The current level of the product prices of petrol and Diesel related to Rupee dollar exchange rate that increased the prices.” The market will still show some monetary changes in the international market.

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