Over 1000 Gurgaon auto workers injured every year: Report


Suraj is a 18 year old boy who was working in automobile parts manufacturing units of Gurgaon region. He lost his two fingers in the accident in the campus. He has not yet told his family about the mis happening. But now he wont be able to find a new job easily. This case is not only with a single boy it has been case for around 1000 workers getting injured every year.

Some have loss of legs, or loss of hands, and alarmingly some may die. Suraj’s story is basically one of the 20 stories of  young migrants labourers. The report estimated that round 1000 workers in Gurgaon suffers injury every year, due to low scale wages and cheap methodology. It is the responsibility of the government to set such norms to rescue them from facing these injuries. The spotlight has to be turned on the workers. Moreover a robot was responsible for killing a 23 year old worker in and automobile industry when he was trying to mend a metal sheet. Further to add to their misery they have been shown in some small private hospitals instead of ESI hospitals. There is a special need to set strong laws and norms to eradicate this issue and provide justice to the labours.

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