Jaguar research and development chief evades driver less car

Jaguar research and development chief evades driver less car

GAYDON, England – Jaguar Land Rover will never make a driverless car, research and development chief Wolfgang Epple said.

“We don’t consider clients cargo. We would prefer not to develop a robot that conveys the load from A to B,” he told journalists at an occasion held at JLR’s research and development centere here in central England.

Epple said JLR is taking a shot at independent driving components for future models, including a remote control capacity to permit the driver to work the car outside the vehicle utilizing a cell phone.

Epple favors self-ruling elements that help drivers without taking full control from them, for example, the capacity to steer the car into a tight parking spot from outside the vehicle. JLR utilized the June 16 occasion to demonstrate a Range Rover that could automatically execute a multi-point turn in the street and be moved around deterrents on unpleasant territory remotely utilizing a cell phone. Both feature could be accessible by 2020, the car maker said.

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