Green self-driving cars take center stage at Tokyo auto show

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Vision is been seen since long ago of those cars that can drive on self. Without emitting a little bit of pollution where passengers can be entertained with online movies and social  media , this was the center of the Tokyo motor Show. Japan has always been home of innovations in top selling automakers. It is basically because the younger generation is disowning to drive or own a car , thus this was an initiative and a plot to make them back on track . Nissan Motor Co. has showed up a concept on vehicles to load it with laser scanners that has a 360 degree setup of camera, and a radar and a chip in the car to think on its own . These Japanese automaker will call it IDS  that basically stands for “ Intelligent Driving System.”


Nissan officials has made a statement that they are working very hard to make the car more and more smarter by deploying menu chips and sensors in it so that it could be on roads by 2020 so as to make their way through urban roads. It has be smart enough to understand the difference between the red light and yellow light. Nissan’s IDS will be electric in nature with a new type of battery . Major challenge being winning the social acceptance for the self driving car.

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