Government to invite Chinese e-rickshaw manufacturers for JV in India


The road transport ministry is all set to write up to the Chinese manufacturers to create batteries and other parts so as to invite them to make a boosting initiative in Make in India.  According to the government they will be sending invite to Chinese manufacturer to create e rickshaws and to set up joint venture with India to run battery operated rickshaws in India for short running and connecting urban areas. The road ministry is setting up plans to communicate the same.

This will be a step in enhancing our non polluting vehicles and maintaining the ecosystem fairly  across teh country and sending  good eco friendly message outside the India. Right now e-rickshaws cost Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh with 90 per cent of parts coming from China. IF they start coming and manufacture it in in India it will boost the make in India concept as well.
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