Giving brains to electric vehicle battery cells


Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute has recently developed a energy storage device that is basically the most cost effective one that its entire cycle of battery is over it previous approaches. Basically batteries fro the electric vehicles are kept monolithic that is comprising of individual cells according top the necessary technology . While here they are able to store same amount of energy, this is not the case in practice. The team believes that since the cells are connected in series they would be strong . Accordingly when the cell is empty the others batteries does not support the vehicle and the vehicle stops.
where as they have created a modular system of battery that will solve all these problems . The solution will be taking forward the battery cells to be equipped with microcontrollers that will be recording the physical parameters along with it and eventually the cells will be talking with the other cells and supporting the at the time of need. If one cell is empty but the other is having charge than the onboard will collect the data and decouple it with cluster allowing the charge to be delivered Thus it will also be amplified.



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