Diesel price raised by 50 paise, petrol remains unchanged


NEW DELHI:  Fuel retailers has hiked the price of diesel late night by 50 paise per liter but petrol was not hiked. This is practically the first increase in diesel price after May16. as per the incremented value diesel will now be of Rs. 44.95 which was earlier Rs. 44.45. This increase will be shown in other states as per the levied taxes.

In Mumbai,  Diesel wii cost Rs 52.08, due to higher VAT.  Accordingly in Kolkata, the new hiked price will be Rs. 43.75 and in Chennai it will be Rs 46.08. since May 16 diesel priced has only seen degradation that too six times but now it has been increased by 50 paise. Petrol prices were recently revised on September 1 when they got a reduction of Rs 61.29 from Rs. 63.20. Indian Oil the India’s biggest retailer of oil has said that ” The current international prices has put up this need for increase, that has to be passed on to the consumers”.

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