Crush’ illegal transport vehicles on city roads, RTOs told




In Nagpur the additional Transport Commissioner Satish Saharabudhe has ruled out and said that any illegal vehicle found should be crushed on the road if they come in city limits by bulldozers. Same actions will be taken towards auto rickshaws with lapsed permits and fitness certificates.  He had a meeting with DCP Baharat Tangle who has recently attented the RTO. This drive has been jointly launched by the police, RTO and traffic Poilce for  Friday onwards against the illegal vehicles. Till this evening around 43 rickshawas were taken into remand for violating the city norms set  up.


This was very hectic when the traffic police was blind folded towards the autorickshwas during some occasions that resulted in chaotic conditions . He has said that this will be pointing towards the main problem of the  city due to three wheelers. Autorikshwas with registration number of “ MH40” will only be permitted in the city , that is out of 25000 rikshwas on road only 9000 will be permitted.

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