Could 48-Volt battery be the answer to future mobility challenge?



By 2020 there will be an era of 48 volt battery that will be providing 95 percent of the worlds mild hybrid energy market and also the hybrid vehicle .  The automotive industry has been regularly looking forward to find a cost effective technology to the hybrid automations. As per the records the 48 Volt battery will be the solution to this in the near future.  Delph said “ For the industry we have been trying  everything except the 300-400 volts pure electric vehicles, with plug in and lithium ion batteries. A spread of 48 volt battery may call for CO2 emission reduction on a mass basis that is by 25 percent by 2012.”

Explaining the above technology he explained that this 48 volt mild hybrid battery will be for the gasoline or the diesel engine vehicles that will be helpful in reducing the carbon dioxide emission by around 25 percent globally that is basically in double digits. It will be capturing the energy that is lost while making brakes and providing torque in the low rpm start stop hybrids. This will definitely make the drivers to ensure that the loss engine performance will gain fuel efficiency . This has been deduced by the global insights IHS.

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