Bosch to invest another Rs 650 crore in India this year to strengthen its presence


Bosh is an Geran Automotive enginnering giant that has committed to invest Rs. 650 crore approx 100 million euros in Inida market to strengthen its presence.  This was announced after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met and signes MoU to strengthen ties between the two countries. It was recently when  Modi and Merkel has visited Bosch’s Bangalore along with many other delgates., including Karnataka Chief Minister Siddhartmiya.
They have committed to develop the talent to a getter extend and give chance to the local engineers to be the part of the success of the India. As said by Peter tyroller who is the member of Bosch Board members. He said” India is a key market in our global network. And thus we are proud to strengthen the board  by investing further Rs 650 crore in the project in India.” It is here to promote its new technology involving smart manufacturing under which it will be using IoT Internet Of Things and Industrial Internet to manufacture the systems.

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