BMW rolls out high-performance X5M, X6M at Rs 1.5 cr onwards


 BMW which is a German car firm has unveiled its two new ultra high performancee sports car on Thursday that will be in outlets from next year onwards. They have launched its M series BMW X5M and X6M on the sets. They particularly aims at cashing in the car segment of the country. The all new and fantastic X5M has a 4.4 litre engine with 8 speed controls that has amounted to Rs. 1.5 Crore on the other hand X6M which has the same engine specs costs Rs. 1.6 Crore , these are the ex-showroom prices in India. These cars although does not have any direct competition in the market but they will be clinched with  Mercedes G 63 AMG, that is priced over Rs. 2.3 crore.

M series is normally the performance vehicle ranges of BMW which sells its models in M studios. Company has one outlet in Mumbai and will be soon adding six more outlets in Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bengaluru in 2016 .  These two super high performance cars will be launched at Madras Motor Sports Club, and are available for booking from today onwards. On counting these two new luxury cars not it makes a total of 14 car launches in this segment in this year. The X5M has a unbeatable combination of both handling and flexibility. These models are available in new seven metallic colours , these models are all rounders and beat every obstacle with versatility.

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