Bajaj launched its new RE60 car


Bajaj auto has recently launched its new RE60 on 25 september. This new car will be powered by a 216 cc engine, with triple spark petrol engine, also in CNG and LPG versions. this will provide a loop of 5 speeds, and will have a power of 17-20 PS on torque figures. It has gained its name from Bajaj RE range and this will also have the engines to drive the rear wheels.

This is a low cost four wheeler quadricycle that has been taken as a new class of cars by the government. This will be a very low carbon emitting car of 60g/km. it claims to have efficiency of 37Kmpl. Standing out with its unique feature it is a very optimized car and called a quadricylce and not a car perfectly. basically belonging to three wheeler family of autos and rickshaws.



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