Automotive battery stack monitor achieves 0.04% measurement accuracy

Automotive battery stack monitor achieves measurement accuracy_popup

Linear technology has recently released the LTC6811 high voltage battery stack monitor, that has a drop in replacement for the LTC6804 . it is basically claimed to provide high performance and lower price that is by 25 percent. The LTC6811 is a complete set of battery measuring IC that is fit for hybrid and electric vehicles that will be incorporating a zener volatege reference , along with high voltage multiplexes . This has a 16 bit delta sigma ADCs anda serial interface of 1 Mbps.

For more larger battery packs, this can be interconnected and operated simultaneously using the 2 wire iso SPI interface . this will be said to be electrically isolated and have high RF noise immune communication for all the data transfer above 1Mbps. It will be using twisted pairs that will be connected in daisy chains to a host processor. The LTC6811 is available in an 8 x 12mm surface mount SSOP package and operates across a temperature range from -40 to 125°C.



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