A Cab service for office persons to save the Enviornment


For all the office goers the biggest issue is that whether they will reach on time or not. Will they be able to get a comfortable ride to the office or not? these are like night mares for all the office persons. Coming to their rescue a group of people in Bangluru, have promised not only to give easy and timely ride but also to provide comfortable rides to them along with contributing to the environment. This service is named as MyOffice Cab which wont be working like OLA or Uber cab services which deals only with customer directly. MyOffice cab consists of Hyundai i-10 cars that runs on more cleaner fuels like LPG and CNG which will in turn reduce the emission charges by up to 50 %.

Over coffee some of the friends were discussing these daily issues of transportation and its related pollution thus they decided to quit their job and proceed as Autoprenuers.   Bhaskar Chavda, Vinod Kumar, Sailas Nulaka and Prashanth YR has taken this step forward . They faced financial issue thus not having any support from outside they tried to put in 14 lakh rupees on their own. This startup has went live with  Minjar Cloud Solutions and Nalashaa Solution, on June 1. They will be offering all the security and eco friendly measures to the city and the people. As they will be hiring drivers with clean background and proper license . All the cars will be equipped with GPS system to track the stations. It will be having a panic button is installed in each car that will send alerts to the company on any mishap. to avoid over speeding the company representatives are automatically informed if they exceed over 80 kmph.

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