Tactile displays to sense critical information in Army helicopters


A recent development done in Aerodefence criteria to provide more critical information to the officials have been done.  the University of Canberra is developing this tactile display that will be enhaning the information facility in the Army Helicopters to guide the pilots more precisely. This innovative step is taken by the Australian Defence Force’s Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTP) Program.

The university of canberra will be collaborating with Adelaide based EMTek to produce and start the development of next generation technology which will be taken under to provide more accurate and critical informations at times when there is very low visibility that will be further enhancing the safety measures. The Cueing System (TCS) researcher McGranth states that they are already well equipped with good visual displays , but TCS would provide them with data that will correspond to fastest possible response to a threat or changing environment.

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