Researchers developed airplane powered by hybrid electric-start system


Siemens and Airbus   scientists have built up another kind of electric engine that, with a weight of only 50 Kg, conveys a consistent output of around 260 Kw – five times more than comparable drive systems.. This record-setting drive framework effectively finished its first public flight today at Schwarze Heide Airport close Dinslaken, Germany, where it – silently– controlled an Extra 330LE aerobatic plane. The new drive framework had effectively made its first flight on June 24th 2016. This development implies hat hybrid-electric aircraft  with four or more seats will now be conceivable. Moreover, the company will contribute this technology to the cooperative project that Siemens and Airbus consented to in April 2016 for driving the development of electrical powered flight

Siemen researcher believe that this will help in reducing fuel consumption as well as pollutant emissions by up to 50%.

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