Keysight Technologies Holds Aerospace Defense Symposium in India August 25-26, 2021

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What: Keysight Technologies enables customers to learn about the latest electronic test at the Aerospace Defense Symposium 2021 India. Keysight experts will present vital information relating to the next generation of aerospace defense technology, in addition to demonstrations of the company’s solutions for this dynamic industry, which include next generation spectrum analyzers, signal sources, vector network analyzers, ultra high bandwidth oscilloscopes, among others.

When: August 25th – 26th 2021
Where: Virtual:
Keysight will present on a wide variety of topics relevant to the aerospace and defence industry as follows:
Day 1: August 25, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. IST – 1:00 p.m. IST

Topics include:

  • Understanding technological advances in ultra-wideband mmwave signal generation and analysis for radar and satellite
  • Millimeter-wave frequency bands provide wide available bandwidths that enable high-throughput data, range resolution, accuracy and low latency. Keysight will discuss how technological advances help facilitate rapid measurements with ultra-wideband mmwave signal generation and analysis for radar and satellite applications.
  • Deep dive into Multichannel radio frequency/radar analysis with time domain instrumentation
    • With the advancement in time domain instrumentation, traditional radio frequency (RF) measurements no longer “separate” from the digital design engineer. Time domain instrumentation like next generation multi-channel oscilloscopes can help with RF analysis. Keysight will showcase how multichannel RF/radar analysis can be executed with time domain instrumentation tools.
  • Modulation distortion, noise power ratio (NPR), phase noise measurements with next generation network analysis
    • Modern network analysis tools help speed state of the art measurements including NPR, modulation distortion, and phase noise measurements. Keysight will discuss how the company’s network analyzers will help customers achieve desired measurements.
  • Seamless test methodologies for modern deceptive jamming designs
    • Digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) takes RF signals, digitizes them, and then creates new RF energy based on the pulse received. With a fast turnaround time, it can be used to create multiple false targets. Keysight will explore DRFM and its advantages during this session.

Day 2: August 26, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. IST – 1:00 p.m. IST

  • Demystifying complex test scenarios for aerospace defense applications with Keysight’s PathWave Test Automation software
    • Keysight’s PathWave Test Automation software enables customer to save time with connected test workflows. In this session, Keysight experts will present how to address complex test scenarios in aerospace defense applications.
  • Compact mmWave receiver design for military satellite communication with Keysight’s PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) software
    • First time right system design ensures that a customer’s system has a competitive advantage. Keysight will discuss how PathWave ADS helps seamlessly design mmWave receivers for military satellite communication.
  • Quantum and optical communication in aerospace defense | challenges and solutions
    • As the end of Moore’s law draws near, quantum technology provides the means to achieve breakthroughs in computing. The unique properties of superposition and entanglement enable previously unimagined performance in quantum applications such as computing, communications and sensing. Keysight experts will discuss how quantum technology and optical communication go hand in hand.
  • Sneak-peek into 5G technology advancements in Aerospace Defense & Military
    • The expansion of 5G design for military and tactical applications has created specific requirements for successful implementation. Whether it is radar or satellite, 5G will play a vital role moving forward. Keysight will deliver a sneak peek into how 5G technological advancements will be leveraged in aerospace, defense and the military.


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