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hIOTron Deliver Industrial IoT Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

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hIOTron delivers a customized IoT Solution to avoid ineffective maintenance routine and costs that accompany it.

Predictive maintenance for industry 4.0 is a technique of protecting assets failure by analyzing production data to notice patterns and estimate concerns before they happen.

Previously factory managers and system operators use to carry out scheduled maintenance, other processes, and usually repaired machine parts to prevent downtime.

By implementing IIOT technology, manufacturers are able to analyze asset nature, optimize maintenance schedules and gaining real-time alerts to operational risks, which will help to reduce service costs, enhance uptime and improve production throughput.

Smart Eco is India’s first Smart Manufacturing ecosystem that will help small and medium scale manufacturing organizations quickly change to deliver accelerated, predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

The Industrial IoT manufacturing ecosystem runs on data, which runs through a continuous cycle of interaction which is called the Information Value Loop.

Objectives of Predictive Maintenance in the Manufacturing Sector”

Improving Production Efficiency:

hIOTron’s IIOT Solution enables manufactures to reduce maintenance costs, expand equipment life, decrease downtime and enhance production quality by addressing problems before they cause equipment failures.

Improving Maintenance Efficiency:

Monitoring future failure allows maintenance to be designed before failure occurs. That increases the maintenance efficiency of equipment and of the entire system.

Manufacturers are already using modern OT likewise additive manufacturing and advanced IT in the form of embedded sensors and scanning to design new products and enhance the performance of an old legacy and delivering new levels of value to customers, along with new data products. hIOTron’s IoT solution drives additional benefits over such application.

Despite other IoT Solutions hIOTron’s IIOT Solution has the following business benefits.

Decrease maintenance time
Enhance efficiency
New revenue streams
Competitive benefit
Customer Satisfaction

To know more about IIOT for the Manufacturing Sector:

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