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An Exclusive Chat with Jatin Goel, Director of SR ELECTRO


1. As we all know SR Electro as a LED or Lighting Company due to your major business share, Can you tell us more about your expansion in other segments in electronics?

We are working towards new segment to strengthen SR ELCTRO and creating verticals in electronics market. We are accelerating our self to create more customer base in different segment with our best technical support.

2. Ok. Why the buyers should trust on you as a new entrant in automotive electronics & different from other suppliers in the market?

The best answer you can get from our customer why? Our belief and our core strength is our team and direction. Our team’s core strength is commitment and believe is management. Building trust need two way communication and same we believe on. We are into the service company and in the today’s market also we work on commitment and ready for best services.

3. Automotive electronics, For SR ELECTRO the word stands for the whole automotive industry or specifically EVs.

We are stepping into Automotive not only EV’s As of now – for component world EV’s are still in mid-way of Automotive category though EV’s are 100% automotive segment. It’s too early to comment on the support versatility.

4. Where do you see the EV industry in the coming years, will it remain as an option for intercity travel or beyond that?

EV is an alternative option in Automotive and still long way to go.

There is still many challenges of with EV related to Li-ion battery and their disposable guidelines. Many countries are working on EOL- Li ion batteries- how to re-use or dispose which can be another pollutant for earth. Production of enough Clean Power generation is again a big challenge, still Indian electricity dominant by Thermal Power.
India has big geographical area and has dense population, so it’s a big challenge to us and our Govt. As well to make through, so it will go gradually and with steady pace as well.

5. When did you started automotive and where you are today.?

Apart from high end MCU we are having almost support for all components- LED, Discrete, Resistor, Capacitors, electro-magnetics.

6. What all components/parts SR be supplying to automotive industry?

We are ready with components- LED, Discrete, Resistor, Capacitors, electro-magnetics.

7. Your views on semiconductor shortage?

Semiconductor shortage was an unforeseen issue that shook every industry and has also resulted in long lead times for finished goods and hassled customers. They have also delayed much awaited new products launches and increased production costs resulting in losses to many industries and manufacturing units.

8. How the pandemic did affected the industry and SR ELECTRO?

Our lead time for many products have increased.

We are not able to sign up new product lines as many suppliers are not in a position to serve backlogs so how will they get new channel partners. Raw material costs increase means our costs increase which is spiralling down the supply chain but end customer does not want to pay so much resulting in a glut of inventory and need for new cheaper parts. Many companies asking for non-china origin parts which are expensive and have very long lead times and thus increasing pressure on us.

9. What are your plans going forward in terms of business, expansion, and funding?

We are hiring professional people from the industry and investing time and efforts in getting new lines. Many product lines are under discussion and will be revealed one they are signed/finalised. We want to grow double by next fiscal year but depends largely on the virus situation and how market reacts to the same. Funding is also being done based on the expenses required . As we want to grow double so we are expanding our manpower in same way .

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