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Anritsu Test and Measurement Web Expo 2021


Techmezine interacted with  Mr Madhukar Tripathi (Associate Director – Optical Business & Marketing ,Anritsu ) about Test & Measurement product in Web Expo 2021.

Madhukar Tripathi

Techmezine:    Please tell me about Anritsu Web Expo 2021?

Madhukar Tripathi:  Past 2 years has been very uncertain and challenging for industry due to COVID-19. Anritsu is committed to reach its customer to showcase new technical solution in telecom eco system. In this line Anritsu launched Web Expo 2021. This expo consists of 4 section namely


Web Expo 2021 have some video which talk about new technology 5G and on demand webinars in field of 5G NR Device Test, PTP Time/ Phase Standards and V2X Technology.

Short video in each section shared more insight of each applications.

Techmezine:   Please introduce 5G NR Smart Device Deployment and its application focus?

Madhukar Tripathi: 5G NR commercial services are not available and market is full of many 5G devices. Companies aiming to reach these markets with competitive, high-quality products offering excellent reliability ahead of the competition need to perform a multitude of tests from the initial design to the product completion stage, to ensure efficient implementation of key functions.

Anritsu’s RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR is an easy-to-use test platform designed for 5G NR terminal RF regulatory certification tests. The supplied settings and scenarios for each test make it easy to confirm regulatory compliance. Since various other Anritsu measuring instruments for 5G NR can be shared into the ME7803NR platform, initial setup costs are minimized by making best use of customers’ previous equipment investment. Moreover, these instruments can share with other SAR/OTA/EMC test systems.



Techmezine:    Please introduce C-V2X PC5 Communication Evaluation Solution?

Madhukar Tripathi: Cellular V2X (C-V2X), which uses a cellular network capable of high-speed, low latency communication, is one of them. It is critical to confirm that reliable communication can happen under various conditions through wireless verification and use case verification.

C-V2X PC5 for implementing the connected car is a key element for self-driving vehicles and is defined by 3GPP Release 14. The PC5 interface handles data communications about dangerous road conditions and driving support while the low-latency and high-reliability C-V2X communications technology makes the connected car a reality.

The LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A works with the communications reference module, GNSS simulator, and V2X emulator software to evaluate the C-V2X PC5 communications functions, which are expected to become widespread in future vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications. This software supports the typical use cases defined by national ITS standards.

Techmezine:     Please introduce 5G NR Field Test Solution?

Madhukar Tripathi: 5G deployment and trials are increasing everyday worldwide. In order to have successful trial and deployment 5G technologies must be tested in advance in labs and field as well. Anritsu has been involved in 5G land field testing for wired and wireless technologies.

The portable MT1000A Network Master Pro tester supports various network interfaces, including Ethernet from 1.5M to 100G, OTN (OTU1 to OTU4), eCPRI/CPRI/OBSAI, FC, etc. Its wide application range includes PTP clock sync accuracy evaluation for Ethernet up to 25G, IP broadcast circuit quality evaluation, 4K/8K video streaming IP network evaluation, 5G/local 5G network evaluation (latency), GIGA-scale construction evaluation and more.

The handheld Field Master Pro MS2090A IQ capture and streaming option captures IQ data at frequencies up to 54 GHz. Providing real-time signal capture, users can get unrivaled insight into interference by capturing and analyzing interfering signal bursts that cannot be monitored with conventional swept-tuned spectrum analyzers.

Techmezine:     Please introduce 400G/800G/PCIe® High Speed Solution?

Madhukar Tripathi: Connected device eco system such as 5G, IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Cloud, Data Centre etc is creating a lot of data every second and industry is making all possible effort to process this data for further analysis. Data transfer takes place with various interconnect / interfaces and demand for high-speed data interface is growing rapidly from telecom to automotive to industrial applications.

Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series SI BERT module supports automated Jitter Tolerance tests with a Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) outputting high-quality multichannel NRZ signals over a wideband at 2.4 to 32.1 Gbit/s, a pattern generator, a high-input-sensitivity Error Detector (ED), a jitter generator. In addition to all-in-one support for PCIe 1.0 to 5.0 Compliance Tests, the MP1900A also supports leading-edge next-generation PCIe 6.0 (PAM4 32 Gbaud) evaluation.

Techmezine:   How has the pandemic affected your business & sales?

Madhukar Tripathi: COVID-19 has changed the world the way we have been doing business and impacted business a lot. Many customers deferred expansion of production & R&D capabilities and freeze budget. Procurement process in government and private sector also delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. We noticed slowdown in sales to some extent.

Techmezine:     Please share a few details around the company’s expansion and growth plans in India ?

Madhukar Tripathi: Anritsu India Pvt Ltd. is committed to serve Indian customers and we have been adding our team in various verticals such technical support, sales, service, repair, calibration, etc. We further plan to enhance our post-sales support this financial year. We also invest in product training of our staff along with channel partners.




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