Molex Compactus Sealed Hybrid Connectors


Compactus Sealed Hybrid Connectors combine excellent electrical performance, rugged reliability and advancements in miniaturization to provide a space-saving and flexible connection solution suited to a variety of applications. Offering a 20% space saving compared with 0.64mm terminals, the Compactus 0.50mm terminals are robust, high-density, automotive-grade, IP69K-rated connectors that permit manufacturers to fit more power and signal transmission ability into a small space.


  • Heat resistance, sealing property and vibration resistance
  • Left and right flexible cable outlet directions
  • Three terminal sizes available in one connector (0.50, 1.00 and 2.80mm)
  • Short and long wire dress cover options
  • Three header sizes (128, 146 and 186 circuits) and five receptacle sizes (48, 66, 72, 80 and 114 circuits) available
  • 0.50mm terminal system
  • Header connector size comparison: 0.50 vs. 0.64mm
  • Designed for thin wires


  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Automotive

503131, 560132, 560134, 560138, 560144, 560145, 560151, 560152, 560153, 560154, 560155, 560189, 560190, 560191

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