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New EDAC Clipzin™ Connectors for Raspberry Pi® Pico are now exclusively available from element14


Clipzin™ PCB connectors offer a unique semi-permanent way to mount one PCB on another

element14 introduces the new innovative Clipzin™ Connector range as the exclusive distributor. Manufactured by EDAC and designed by OpenLX SP Ltd, the Clipzin™ range initially targets the Raspberry Pi® Pico and PicoW, and Arduino® Connect modules, with more options to follow.

Described as the edge connector for the IoT generation, Clipzin™ eases manufacturing and facilitates modularisation, encouraging sustainability by promoting easy inservice upgrades and reusability. It allows customers to produce one design that can be customised for flexibility, and to offer variants, reducing design time and the need to stock many versions.

Clipzin™ enables rapid connection and disconnection of sensor, communication and compute modules, such as Raspberry Pi’s new Pico. Designed for prototyping to production, a retention clip ensures that modules will not shake free after assembly or inservice, but allows PCBs to be easily swapped later if required. This makes it the ideal solution for developers, while also providing the security required for production.

Prior to Clipzin™, modules like PicoW required users to solder through-hole connectors to the PicoW as well as fitting a connector to their PCB. Clipzin™ requires only a surface mount connector to be fitted to one PCB, greatly improving production efficiency.

Key benefits of the EDAC Clipzin™ PCB connectors include:

  • 20 way is available at launch with 6, 8 and 17 way coming soon
  • Ability to semi-permanently mount one PCB to another
  • Quick, tool-less assembly with positive, confirming ‘click’
  • Suitable for surface mount soldering, dramatically improving production efficiency
  • Requires connector to be mounted on one side of one PCB only
  • Gold plating for reliability

Romain Soreau, Head of Single Board Computing at element14, says, “Clipzin™ is a genuinely innovative connector for the Raspberry PI Pico. It provides a new, solderless way of mounting the Raspberry Pi Pico to another PCB, which allows interchange between Pico models. We are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of this new product, which further supports our long-term commitment to Raspberry Pi and our extensive portfolio of their products and accessories.”

Chrissy Cooper, Sales Director at EDAC Europe, says, “We have worked closely with element14 for many years and have forged a strong working partnership. This initial exclusivity period for the launch of Clipzin™ is yet another demonstration of our mutual commitment to the success of our customers.”

Dr Andrew Robinson, Engineering Director at OpenLX SP Ltd. added, “With PiFace™ and CodeBug™, we have a strong history of bringing innovative products to market with element14. Combined with EDAC’s years of experience it’s a fantastic partnership to develop a new connector that makes it easier for people to use and reuse the growing range of modules such as Raspberry Pi® PicoW. Clipzin™ unlocks the efficiencies of surface mount manufacturing, over the cost and complexity of through hole assembly of existing header-pin solutions.”

The new Clipzin™ PCB Connectors from EDAC, OpenLX SP Ltd. are now available from stock at element14 in APAC.

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