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element14 releases innovative Multicomp Pro Magnetic Connectors for low-voltage use

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element14’s Magnetic Connectors can rotate a full 360 degrees, are self-mating, and allow for immediate disconnect, increasing safety and ease of use

element14, an Avnet Company, is expanding its line of Multicomp Pro offerings to include Magnetic Connectors, a differentiated interconnect choice offering ease of use through reliable, self-mating, easily detachable connections.

Magnetic cable assemblies and connectors are a popular and quickly growing interconnect option for many low-voltage applications. The Multicomp Pro magnetic cable assembly and connector kits combine spring-loaded pins with magnetic interfaces which offer reliable, self-mating, easily detachable connections.

Unlike other connectors currently on the market, magnetic connectors are a safe and helpful solution when a quick disconnect is essential or if accidental damage to connectors or cables is likely based on surroundings or environment.

The Multicomp Pro Magnetic Connectors were developed and designed to meet the quality standards engineers require alongside the value they need. The connectors are incredibly versatile and can be leveraged in a variety of industries including but not limited to:

  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Power Management
  • Maker & Education
  • Industrial
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Wearables

“We are extremely proud to be the exclusive distributor of Multicomp Pro products and are thrilled to be offering Magnetic Connectors which are truly innovative and changing the connector landscape,” said Gareth James, Senior Manager, Private Label at element14. “The simple-to-use connectors prove a great solution when needing a two-contact connector that can rotate a full 360 degrees without losing electricity.”

The reliability and versatility of the magnetic connectors make these products unique in the grand scope of current connectors and they can be adapted for a variety of products and environments. The Multicomp Pro Magnetic Connector MP002495 is a current best seller from element14 which allows the connector to rotate a full 360 degrees without loss of the electrical connection. The MP002495 has an IP67 rating and is designed for extra-low voltage applications such as battery charging with a rated current of 5A at 30V AC/DC.

The magnetic connectors and other Multicomp Pro products can be found and purchased here:

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