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element14 expands Toshiba MOSFET range to meet growing demand in key global markets


New range of N Channel Power MOSFETs now available for developers in various applications including automotive, green energy, industrial controls, power supplies, and rechargeable domestic appliances.

element14 has announced that it is adding more than 250 new Toshiba products to its available stock, including a new range of N Channel Power MOSFETS. The newly added products will cover both high voltage, around 600V-650V, and low voltage, 30V-150V.

element14 Senior Supplier Account Manager, Ibtissame Krumm, said, “The global market for power semiconductors is expanding rapidly. Although the demand for power semiconductors for automotive applications has been headline news for some time, it obscures the fact that there are numerous other applications where demand is growing equally fast, if not faster.

“What drives most of these applications is the Power MOSFET, which in addition to the better-known automotive applications includes green energy applications for solar inverters and heat pumps; industrial controls; power supplies; and rechargeable domestic appliances such as cordless gardening tools. Power MOSFET performance is crucial to the overall system performance of such devices and is, for development engineers, often the starting point for any new project.”

element14 customers engaged in new product development require easy and rapid access to these critical components for designing, testing, evaluating, prototyping, and launching new concepts. As such, element14’s partnership with Toshiba, coupled with the capabilities of Toshiba’s new 300-milimeter wafer fabrication facility for power semiconductors, will ensure that both companies are able to support the exponential growth in ongoing demand for high quality MOSFETs as well as many other semi-conductor products.

Some of the new MOSFETs now available from element14 include:

  • TPH3R10AQM Power MOSFET: Based upon the U-MOS-X process, this device provides an improved on-resistance and safe operating area. The device is ideally suited to challenging applications such as switching power supplies in data centers, communication base stations plus many industrial uses.
  • DTMOSVI Series: The TK055U60Z1 is the first product in the 600V DTMOSVI series, which is based on Toshiba’s latest-generation process that features a super junction structure, recognized widely as the latest watershed moment for the power MOSFET. The new MOSFET features an RDS(on) of only 55mΩ – a 13% improvement over similar devices in Toshiba’s DTMOSIV-H series.
  • TPH9R00CQ5 Power MOSFET: Based upon the U-MOS X-H Trench process, this new power MOSFET is useful in high performance switching power supplies such as those used in communication base stations as well as other industrial applications. In high performance power solutions that use synchronous rectification, reverse recovery performance is important. The new TPH9R00CQ5 includes a high-speed body diode that reduces the reverse recovery charge (Qrr) by around 74% (to 34nC typ.) when compared to an existing device such as the TPH9R00CQH.
  • XPQR3004PB Power MOSFET:This new device leverages advanced heat dissipation capabilities to support larger automotive currents. The 40V device offers elevated current capabilities and lower on-resistance figures in thermally enhanced L-TOGLTM packages.

The new MOSFETs and other Toshiba semiconductor products are now available from Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in APAC.

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