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element14 Community recognizes members with 2022 Community Awards


The world’s largest community for electronic engineers honors outstanding contributors with its annual Community Awards

element14, an Avnet Community, has announced the winners of its annual Community Awards for 2022. The awards celebrate and recognize the remarkable contributions of its members driving innovation and collaboration in the electronics industry.

This year’s winners demonstrated exceptional technical expertise, creativity, and a passion for electronics. The Rising Contributors award honored individuals who made significant contributions to the community, helping it grow and thrive. These are members showing that they are more than just about creating content, they contribute to the community and the people in it.

“We are grateful for the contributions of every member of our global community of over 850,000 individuals,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for element14. “With the abundance of amazing projects, designs, ideas, videos and reviews, we wanted to celebrate as many members as possible and therefore have multiple winners across serval categories this year.”

The winners of the element14 2022 Community Awards are:

  • Top Contributors of the Year– Douglas Wong, Jan Cumps, Enrique Albertos, Rushiraj Jawale, Gary Yohe, Sean Conway, Stephen Kruglewicz, Gough Lui, Scott Stobbe, Dave Ingles, Andrew J and misaz
  • Rising Contributors of 2022– Colin Gerrish, Jon Clift, Milos Rasic, Ger Rud, Saad Islam Tiwana, Cristian Pitigoi, Kamran Kazem, Caden Kuhn, wolfgangfriedrich, and dang74
  • Design Challenge – Best Project – Congratulations to Christopher Kettell for being our staff pick of 2022 with the Robotic Canary Air Monitor
  • Design Challenge – Best Blog Post – Congratulations to Milos Rasic with their Orb-Weaver Rover blogfor consistently writing and presenting their project with a high contribution quality
  • Favorite RoadTests of 2022 – Each year there are products made available to RoadTest that stand out from the rest. Here are the ultimate top three:
    • Sound and Vibration Measurement Hat for Raspberry Pifrom Digilent
    • Nordic Bluetooth LE Audio Development Kitfrom Nordic Semiconductor
    • LattePande 3 Deltafrom DF Robot
  • Best RoadTest Reviews of 2022 – Multiple Winners – With so many impressive RoadTest reviews this year, element14 did a roundup of all the best ones, including member favorites, staff picks, as well as best new RoadTest reviewers recognizing those who are new to the RoadTest program and their fantastic contributions
  • Project14 Competitions of 2022 – Multiple Winners – element14 provided lists of the most viewed Project14 blogs by members as well as the favorite member contests and projects of the year
  • element14 Presents in 2022 – Multiple Winners – element14 provided lists of the most viewed episodes of 2022, as well as member favorites.
  • element14 Essentials in 2022 – Multiple Winners – To introduce its members to learning and demonstrating their knowledge, element14 created the ‘element14 Essentials’, peer-reviewed and researched information presented in a factual manner, along with a quiz to test what members have learned

The annual Community Awards are just one of the many ways that element14 Community recognizes and support its members. The awards serve as a celebration of achievements and impact made by its community of engineers and makers. By harnessing their knowledge and skills in electronics design, they are making a positive difference in their community and the world.

To learn more about the 2022 Community Awards, visit element14 Community.

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