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RS – Synchronous buck switching regulator with low on-resistance power MOSFETs (Rohm BD9C301FJ-EVK-001)


Rohm’s BD9C301FJ-EVK-001 Is a switching regulator board that is provided by the Rs component.  it will be a synchronous buck switching regulator that will have low on resistance power MOSFET. Rohm’s BD9C301FJ Is switching regulator with very wide range of input voltage that will allow to the components to gain the power current up to 3A.   it will be basically a current mode control of the dc-dc converter and thus  provides features  such as high speed transient response not only this it will give an easy mode to set the phase compensation.

Some of the other features of this synchronous single DC DC Converter are as follows:  Overcurrent, undervoltage lockout  thermal shutdown, fixed soft  start.  some of the application area where this component will be useful LCD TV, set top boxes some recorder,  broadband networking systems,  and all the communication interfaces along with entertainment equipment will be falling under this category.

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