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Mouser – Starter kit provides comprehensive introduction to EFM8 Laser Bee MCUs (Silicon Labs EFM8LB1)


Mouser  is coming up with the new Silicon labs EFM8 starter kit which is known as a laser bee that will be providing introductions to the laser Bee MCUs.  this it will be having some of the peripherals and some of the senses that will be demonstrating the new features of MCU . it will be showing and Hanste features and capabilities of the designers that will be using the kid as restarting kit for all the application Development.

Silicon Labs  EFM8LB1  is a starter kit that is having 20 pin extension header and it has to use of buttons along with one tricolor LED.  it also has 8 direction joystick,  that will work on Ultra low power 128* 128  pixel memory LCD . This MCU  will be available  with a 64 kilobytes / along with coupled 4 kilobyte Ram.  power sources include USB and CR2032  battery.


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