Digilent introduces USB104 A7 Xilinx FPGA Board for PC/104 Single Board Computer. Integrate FPGAs into PC/104 and other small form factor designs


Digilent USB104 A7, available in Mouser, brings power and versatility to your PC/104 stackable Single Board Computer (SBC). The USB104 A7 features the industrial temperature rated Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A100T. With Digilent High-Speed Data Converter Modules, users can run FPGA-based data acquisition applications on PCs. The ideal application includes industrial automation, embedded OEM and telecommunications.

I/O is provided with on-board LEDs and push-buttons, and, of course, three 12-pin Pmod ports. A SYZYGY-compatible Zmod port is available as well, allowing for high-speed signal acquisition and generation. An onboard USB hub and controller conveniently interfaces the USB104 A7 with JTAG, UART, and a parallel data interface (DPTI) through a single connection. The DPTI data transfer interface provides host-to-FPGA data transfer and is easily managed with Digilent’s Adept 2 application. This ease of use and high-speed data transfer is especially useful for deployed systems.


Callout # Description Callout # Description Callout # Description
1 Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA 6 FPGA Programming Reset Button 10 Zmod/SYZYGY Port
2 Micron DDR3 Memory 7 Pmod Ports 11 Mode Select Switches
3 Barrel Jack for External Power Supply 8 User Buttons and LEDs 12 USB Hub Configured Indicator LED
4 Power Good Indicator LED 9 SYZYGY VIO Power Good Indicator LED 13 USB JTAG/UART and Data Transfer Port
5 Programming Done LED

The board measures 95.89 mm x 90.17 mm and provides the standard mounting holes with standoffs included. It comes with 1.5m USB 2.0 A to B shielded cable and 30W, 5V, 6A power supply with US and EU adapters.

Run FPGA-based High-Speed Data Acquisition System on PC

The example project of USB104 A7 Zmod ADC demo trigger arm Digilent Zmod ADC dual channel 14 bit Analog to Digital Converter Module with a specified trigger level and sends the resulting data to the PC.  The project includes DPTI Console Application, the Vivado project, and the Xilinx SDK files with the prebuilt output products from Vivado.



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