Digi-Key – PortNote design kit for protecting USB power delivery (Bourns PN-DESIGNKIT-57)


Digi Key now stock up with a port new design  kit that will be used for protecting the USB power delivery. It is named as Bourns P N- DESIGNKIT-57 . This delivery kit will be providing protection portnote solution along with the design kit. This USB power delivery is having specifications that will be used to enable data and provide hundred quote of power simultaneously on just one USB cable this course not solution is basically working on the phenomenon how a polymer PTC that is Bourns Model MF-LSMF300/24X  is available to protect the DC bus at the time of short circuit it was tested and recommended by the USB 3.1 section 11. 4.1. 1.1.

it is to be noted that it provides high speed data lines for all the negotiating power and for the USB also defer low capacitance will be required and provided by the bourns  5 volt and 3 three point 4 TVS  diode array.  the DC link bus that is provided will be used as a step down or Step Up converter and that will provide hi current soft saturation power inductor.


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