PCBWay Celebrates its 10th Anniversary —- Win Exclusive Coupons and Various Prizes


PCBWay, a leading printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, celebrates its 10 th anniversary this year, marking a decade of innovation,quality, and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2014, PCBWay has grown from a small enterprise into a global powerhouse in the electronics manufacturing industry,
renowned for its high-quality PCB prototypes and assembly services.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, PCBWay has started a promotional event with exclusive coupons, free modules, charity sales and more.You can visit their website to learn more.


Exclusive Coupons

You’ll get access to a range of coupon codes to get discounts from $5 up to $240 for your next PCB order or CNC/3D printing order, which lets everyone benefit from the excellence and quality that PCBWay consistently provides


Badge Charity Sale

PCBWay has invited partners to design the 10thanniversary badges and is launching a charity sale, with all proceeds being donated to charitable organizations. Your support will help provide essential resources to those who need it most.


Lucky Draw

Each PCBWayer (who had PCBWay shopping experience before) has two chances. If not, there is one chance. And one extra chance will be given if you place an order during promotion time.In the draw, you can find various gifts, such as Raspberry Pi 5.


As PCBWay celebrates this milestone, it continues to look forward, aiming to push the boundaries of PCB technology and service excellence. With a decade of impressive achievements behind it, PCBWay is well-positioned to lead the industry for years to come.

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