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Xilinx is the first company to take licensee for ARM 7nm physical IP platform

ARM 7nm physical IP platform

Xilinx is the leading application provider  in the field of 5G Wireless,Embedded  Vision, Industrial IoT, and Cloud Computing, now takes licensee for ARM 7nm physical IP platform.It is the first company who will design next device generation for manufacture on TSMC’s 7FF process technology.

According to Ron Moore, product manager in ARM’s physical design group “Three things is necessary  for designer’s : process variation; routeability; and electrical properties.”

Process variation is becoming more of a challenge as feature size decreases, while smaller features are, in turn, affecting the ability to route a design. And electrical properties, including IR drop and electromigration, compound the problems.

Moore said “We had to face designing complexities for developing  7nm IP platform.We had to develop a new memory methodology , thus the introduction of memory compilers utilizing a cell based layout. This new memory architecture provides for more consistent patterns in the memory layout, thereby minimizing variation. Minimizing variation leads to less design margin and better memory PPA for use in the SoC. ”

Sources : ARM

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