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Omoron’s comes with new D7S Vibration Sensor


This sensor assist with measures to avoid  secondary disasters after earthquakes.. The sensor does this by closing off and halting dangerous device. Besides, the sensor can decide harm by mapping seismic intensity and building collapse information. finally, D7S Vibration Sensor can make debacle maps and avert future secondary damage taking after quakes.

This is the world smallest class size Seismic Sensor.


Using the SI value, which has a high correlation with the seismic intensity scale that indicates the magnitude of an earthquake, provides higher-precision judgment of seismic intensity scales.
The MEMS 3-axis acceleration Sensor and OMRON’s unique SI value calculation algorithm achieve surface-mountable compact modules and low power consumption.
Higher degree of freedom for incorporation into devices and prolonged operation on battery power.
Shutoff output terminal (INT1) operates equivalent to a conventional mechanical vibration sensor and ensures compatibility with mechanical vibration sensors.
I2C interface enables changing the settings with communications from external devices and obtaining earthquake-related information from the Sensor

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