S. Korea, U.S. near agreement on site for U.S. missile defense


Seoul and Washington say they’re near choosing when and where in South Korea a progressed U.S. missile defense system will be conveyed to adapt to developing dangers from North Korea.

Seoul and Washington dispatched formal chats on deploying the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, after North Korea led an nuclear test and a long-range missile launch not long ago.

China, Russia and North Korea all contradict the THAAD deployment, which critics say could help U.S. radar spot missiles from different nations.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry said Friday that Seoul and Washington will rapidly deploy the system since North Korea’s weapons represent a major risk to the region.

North Korea is additionally attempting to build up a long-range nuclear missile can reach the continental U.S.,, yet South Korean defense authorities say Pyongyang doesn’t yet have such a weapon. Some accept, nonetheless, that the North has the capability to mount nuclear warheads on shorter range missiles.

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