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Farnell element14 – Analog to digital converters for data acquisition, audio and power quality analysis


Stocked by Farnell element14, Analog Devices’ 8 channel and 4 channel analog to digital converters are for synchronised sampling of AC and DC signals. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of data acquisition systems, audio test and measurement, 3-phase power quality analysis and more.

The AD7768/AD7768-4 24-bit converters are 8 and 4 channel simultaneous sampling analog to digital converters, featuring sigma-delta modulation and digital filtration for synchronised sampling of AC and DC signals.

The devices are capable of achieving a dynamic range of 108dB at maximum input bandwidth of 110.8kHz, with ±2ppm INL typical performance, offset error ±50µV and ppm gain error ±30.

They features three power modes, allowing the user to optimise for noise targets and power consumption. They can be used as flexible, re-usable platforms for low power dc and high performance ac measurement modules.

Applications include data acquisition systems, instrumentation and industrial control loops, audio test and measurement, vibration and asset condition monitoring, 3-phase power quality analysis, sonar, high precision EEG/EMG/ECG and more.

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