Webinar: Power solution analysis of EV Charging station



In a world that has to reduce its carbon footprint, electronic vehicles are the future of traffic. With a fleet of 157 mil of EVs expected in 2030, the growing stock of electric vehicles requires charging stations and established power grids to ensure that the vehicles run smoothly. Reliable power solutions are the primary focus for electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging. 

And as charging stations are normally installed outdoors, they have high requirements for resistance to voltage fluctuations, surges, and operating temperature changes, so as to the power modules inside of it to ensure that it can run well in different equipment, such as charging box, charging pile, DCFC, charging station for 2 wheels and 3 wheels scootor, etc. 

Through the webinar, Mornsun is pleased to share with you a line of products engineered for charging station applications and addresses the challenge of the latest in electric vehicle charging technology. 

During the webinar, we also specially arranged a lucky draw. Participants will have the opportunity to win Amazon vouchers! 

Please click the link below button to sign up and reserve your spot. Gifts are prepared for you already.

https://www. mornsunpower.com/html/newsdetail/events/356.html 

For more information, please visit www.mornsunpower.com 

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