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Wire -To- Board connections cost to be minimsed


Wire-to- Board connections takes up a high amount of costing when done in mass market. But if a right connection technology is used then this costing could be decreased. Traditional working plugs and connectors are basically two individual elements. The cable as has to do more work and thus requires more cost. To think outside the box is really required as there should be direct connection between circuit board and the cable. Lightning market is growing constantly and therefore its requirement has also increased to cut short the billing by using cost effective methods.

This could be achieved by using IDC that are insulated copper cables with multiples wires. This requires no soldering or screwing and enables a gas tight connections. Using spring system and plug in contacts are other means of reducing the cost. This will be saving a lot of time as they are to be just punched and have fast installation. Space could be saved using crimping without housing . All these methods if integrated in a single system can reduce the cost of wire-to-Board connections very effectively.

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