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Universal Wireless Charger developed


Engineers have worked on a new technology that has developed a wireless charger that will be applicable for all devices in electronics brands. Basically it will be a universal wireless charger. A team from University of California has worked over the dual frequency wireless charging framework that will be supporting charging for all smartphones, smartwatches, Tablets, Laptops, wireless clocks and other wireless standard devices.  Professor Patrick Mercier said ” To our knowledge they have tested all multi standard wireless power devices through a transmitter that will be operating at two different frequencies with really high efficiency.”

This Universal Wireless charger also tackles the issue related to incompatibility that the three wireless standards are facing today that involves  Qi, Powermat and Rezence.  In today’s era each wireless device basically works on either of the three wireless standards and they work in competence with those devices only that share the similar wireless standards.  This universal Wireless charger could appear as a winner in this battle of similarity in wireless standards. Thus a universal system will be adding error free environment and no worries related to which standard does the device supports.


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