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Two-dimensional boron shows high tensile strength and conductivity

Two dimensional boron shows high tensile strength and conductivity_popup

According to a team of scientists in the US department of Energy Argonne National laboratory and Stony Brook University has for the first time created a two dimensional sheet of boron that is known as Brophene. Scientists has been intrested in making it two dimentional material that is for their electronic properties. Borophene has many metallic properties that can work on nanoscale even on the three dimensional platform . It is a semi conducting non metallic material.

As borophene is a metallic as well as non metallic atomically thin material that will be holding the most of the applications ranging from the electronic photovoltics as per the research. They dont appear in nature as sole and thus have to be studies , along side 16 bulk allotropes of boron has been known that a re used to make a whole new sheet , monolayer  of Borophene.

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