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Toshiba adds USB to Cortex-M0 MCUs for mobile

Toshiba is right now concentrating on the USB interfacing systems to make USB more effective and fast in systems like laptop , tablets and mobile phones.  It has recently announced its new ARM Cortex -M0 that is a three step micro controller with a USB device connector for its USB type functionality.  Toshiba has added USB to the the mobiles Cortex -M0 micro controllers units.
Some of the other sections where Toshiba is making its way for USB interfacing is the automation equipments and Industrial controllers along with some sensor hubs. some of the specs are having a 128 kbytes flash memory and 1kbyte SRAM equipped with SPI and some serial interfaces that will join the USB. All teh devices will work across 1.8 and 3. V and maintain a temp of -40 to 85 C. They may differ in the number of input /output pins and packaging. If we talk about the data sheet that it is still under development . Some of the specs for different TX00 M00 groups are: TMPM066FWUG: 10 x 10mm 64pin QFP (48 I/O pins)TMPM067FWQG: 7 x 7mm 48pin QFN (32 I/O pins)

TMPM068FWXBG: 5 x 5mm BGA (40 I/O pins)


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