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Steam Engine



This steam engine has been developed by Harry Schoell , this is basically a cyclonic engine that is a modern day steam engine which will be very useful in future technology that will be having a some final stages of the development. This engine will be eventually creating a super heated steam that will be enters in the six cylinders that too at the pressure of 3200 psi to the push pistons. Although there is no motor oil in the process that has been used up.

This steam will be escaping the cylinder from a exhaust part that will be connected to the condensing unit thus converting it back in to the water . Thus it seems to be a closed loop system that will make sure that water is never wasted and  there is no need of excess water to be replaced and also the steam is constant. This cyclone of steam will be creating a heat deviated system by burning the fuel in the chamber , anything that can just ignite the  fuel will be sufficient for the fuel to burn , thus orange peels, oil, algae or grease anything can be used.

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