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Solar cells to exceed poer when cooled

At Standford School of engineering a professor has deduced a new technology of increasing the efficiency of the solar cells. It has been noticed that the solar cells work far better when they are in cooler mode rather then being affected by the solar radiation . The professor has claimed that if the solar cells work in cooler phase the efficiency will be increased to a greater extent . During a full sunlight phase the solar cells gets affected due to the heat and thermal radiation thus they have prepared a silica transparent medium that will radiate back the thermal and heat radiation and will only let pass the solar sunlight radiation to be used as energy. According to the professor of Standford School of Engg, Shanhui Fan, ” The thermal overlay over the typical solar cells will allow sunlight to pass and prevent the solar cells from over heating and getting damaged, and radiate back the heat.” “For a typical crystalline silicon solar cell with an efficiency of 20%, 23 deg F of cooling would improve absolute cell efficiency by over 1%, a figure that represents a significant gain in energy production,” said the researchers.

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