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Smartphones to more reliable waterproof smartphones.

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It may happen that we may drop our smartphones accidently in a toilet or sink or even in the swimming pool, it may get absorbed in rain or in a beverage, gone in a washing machine or under a water gun. We need method to save our smartphones from being wet and un operational.  Well according to records each year almost a million of smartphones get damaged due to water .  We keep on enhancing and upgrading our smartphones each year but does any one of they are really water proof devices , according to our money that we put into it, yes not even close to it.

Water is surely catastrophic for the electronics gadgets. Warranty does not really cover these damages. But we may soon be having some smartphones that will be fully water proofed according to the latest electronic technology called ” Nanotec Coatings “.  Two of the electronic company’s investing in this project are HzO and Liquipel. HzO has already won an award in CES 2012 Innovations Design Engineering   for this nano coating technology . Both the companies will be using vapour deposition process to overcome water damages in smartphones by providing the coatings in form of thin films. This film is basically Hydrophobic that means it will be repelling water over it , whether it may be water, coffee, liquid, wine , soda etc.  ore importantly it wont be capturing or holding back the heat that actually is great.



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