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Renesas launched a synergy platform called “Professional software”


In this new era where speed and time are so interrelated in embedded applications Renesas has set to launch a synergy platform by making a Professional Software along with some MCU’s and Tools systems. Senior Director Tim Burgess of the Multimarket Solution said ” Our dignified customers spend a lot of time on differentiating the development software , dealing with middleware, rtos connectivity and its integration, and the drivers issue synergy basically tries to address and resolve these issues by allowing the designers to get much more before from now.”

According to Burgess Synergy is a complete platform qualified and designed to provide support at the API levels. It basically encompasses five elements that is ; Scalable Mcu, platforms to develop, Secure and sound connectivity, professional software and stop support. Normally is deals with all the software section but hardware is also a vital information. They will be providing the S3 and S7 MCU family. S3 is based on the ARm’s cortex M4 core system that works at 48 MHz, on the other hand S7 is running on M4 cor at the speed of 240 MHz. Two more families will also be introduced that is S1 and S5 which will be a descendant of S7. All the MCUs will have a concentric footprints and the peripherals will be same.





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