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Powerics to Preview GaN Power Charger with Transphorm FETs at VLSID 2023


Who:  Powerics, a Hyderabad-based stealth mode startup developing one of India’s first GaN powered chargers, and Transphorm, a pioneer in and global supplier of high reliability, high performance GaN power conversion products.

What:  Preview of Powerics’ GaN-based power charger—a 65W USB-PD charger with two output ports (Type C & Type A) delivering a power density of 16.84 Watts per cubic inch.

The charger uses Transphorm’s TP65H300G4LSG device, a 650V 240 mꭥ SuperGaN® FET in a PQFN88 package, and Silanna Semiconductor’s SZ1130 ACF controller. Notably, Powerics’ product development partner MosChip Technologies managed development of the PCBA and enclosure design (including mechanical accessories) as well as design validation and certification.

Why: Gallium Nitride (GaN) is the wide bandgap technology powering a broad spectrum of next generation power conversion systems. Specifically, Transphorm’s GaN platform is known to deliver up to 99% power efficiency, with 50% higher power density and up to 20% lower overall power system costs when compared to alternative silicon-based solutions. As a result, a GaN-based power IC serves as a highly attractive power conversion solution for mobile fast chargers and other consumer electronics seeking reliable, fast, and powerful performance in small packages.

When: January 10 – 12, 2023 

Where:  International VLSI Design & Embedded Systems Conference (VLSID 2023)

Novotel, HICC, Hyderabad

Hall 4, Block B, Booth 54 (Transphorm)

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