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Power supplies for power hungry products

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Recently Luso Electronics have made the announcement of availability of its latest  Qualstar’s N2Power branded efficient 76.2 x 127mm XL500 Series, that will be basically available in  12, 24 and 48V output models. This is basically a compact device that is totally ideal for broadcasting and storage purpose over the network. It will be used in network and industrial applications related to gaming, instrumentation that normally require a huge amount of power. It delivers a  power range of 500W that achieve its 92 % peak efficiency. This XL500 is more powerful that its small footprint design that was competing it in modular structure. It will also be freeing up board space for the other components. This unit basically offers a universal AC Input thus compatible with all the devices and modules built with a safeguard to protect against sudden drop of power.

There is also protection provided with respect to overload and over voltage along with high temperature sensing to regulate the output voltage.  This is CE and UL certified component that weighs 460 grams and stand 2G vibrations. it further joins the XL and Pl power supply products listing of the company.




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