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Optical sensors to make Robotic hands more sensitive and Dextrous


Scientist have come across a new way to make Robot’s hand more light sensitive . According to Carnegie Mellon University researchers they have developed a three fingered robot arm that wil have multiple optic sensors embedded in it. a new stretchable optical sensor is also introduced and developed. Researcher say that by using Optic fibers embedded in the fingers the robot will get the ability to determine what pressure is to applied on which substance and can detect forces of less than a tenth of a newton.  This new stretchable Fiber could be used in the skin of robots to make them more potential. Yong Lae Park professor of Robotics, said  ” If we want robots to work swiftly and safely to the unexpected forces in environment than the Robot should handle autonomously, then they should have more sensors. Similarly to Humans and a spider that has hundreds of mechanoreceptors on each leg, but even a state-of-the-art humanoid such as NASA’s Robonaut has only 42 sensors in its hand and wrist.”

Each finger of the robotic hand must mimic the skeleton of a human finger that has to be connected by joints. The skeleton bones will be 3D printed and induced with receptors and optic sensors.

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