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Now a Microflower Blooms to open new electronic frontier


RMIT University researchers at Melbourne has deduced a new micro flower that has the capability to auto bloom. It is a self assembled electronic device that behaves as a flower and comes as a new threshold in the segment of electronic future. This microflower is been considered as  one of the main segment in electronic frontier as it will be providing many new aspects to fields such as nanotechnology, microelectronics, biotechnology etc.

Dr Shreeshant Bhonsle had said that this will be grooving as a pioneer in its field. As it has self arrangement property in water. It was believed as infancy but this time flower shaped microforms have been developed that opens a new pathway. He added ” This artificial bloom is just 10 micron wide that is around 10 of them could fit on a human hair strand. Although tiny they have high potential that impacts on more easily and reliable researches.” To create this flower the researchers have mixed two organic materials together namely, NDI-bearing phosphonic acid and melamine in water to prepare a solution  and later the water is evaporated. these micro flowers take up to3 hours to develop fully and be ready to bloom and mimicking a natural flower.
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