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Next-Generation Platform For Modern Unified Communications

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About Product

Different telecom networks offer advantages in different aspects. Today’s businesses expect specific benefits from each of these networks. The VOIP, GSM/4G, ISDN, and POTS are four such omnipresent networks. It is vital for users to reach these networks transparently as they offer wider connectivity and lower telephony costs.

However, it is not easy to interface these networks with the existing PBX. Most of the PBXs were not designed to interface with these modern networks. Of course, one can replace the PBX with its accessories and acquire new-generation equipment. But this proves to be a very costly solution.

Presenting, Matrix ETERNITY GENX12SAC – the High-density Universal Media Gateway that offers integrated interfaces to VOIP, GSM/4G, T1/E1 PRI, and POTS networks. It can be used with any brand of PBX.

Matrix ETERNITY GENX12SAC provides carrier-grade gateway features, Integration, Scalability, Flexibility, and Reliability. This makes it ideal for Call Centres and ITSPs irrespective of organization size and media network requirements. Matrix ETERNITY

GENX12SAC is interoperable with third-party IP-PBXs and ITSPs (Elastix, Broadsoft, Megapath, Brekeke, Nex Vortex, Broadvox, Babytel, Voxbone, and SOTEL). It’s advanced routing capabilities and comprehensive gateway features ensure that the enterprise needs

of different telecom network requirements are addressed while retaining existing infrastructure with the advantage of faster and transparent operation with reduced telecommunication cost.

Intelligent and flexible routing is the forte of Matrix ETERNITY GENX12SAC. Various Least Cost Routing (LCR) schemes are offered. The elaborate routing algorithm encompasses different attributes like Port, Calling Number, Called Number, and Time. It

selects the most cost-effective route for a given number at a specified time. In addition, it allows the flexibility of reserving ports for important users.

SARVAM UMG is MEDIA-GATEWAY software that runs on ETERNITY GENX12SAC – The Next-Generation hardware platform.



ETERNITY GENX12SAC (Maximum Resources)

  • 250 (SIP) Trunks
  • 128 VoIP Channels
  • 48 GSM/3G/4G VoLTE Trunks
  • 8 T1/E1 Ports
  • 192 CO/FXO Ports
  • 240 FXS Ports

SARVAM UMG: Matrix SARVAM UMG is software that enables Universal Media Gateway functionality. It is pre-loaded with licenses for 4 VOCODER (VOIP) channels.



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