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Nexperia now offers automotive planar Schottky diodes in space-saving CFP3-HP packaging

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Providing superior heat dissipation while still maintaining small footprint size

Nexperia, the global semiconductor manufacturer today announced that it is now offering a portfolio of 22 new planar Schottky diodes in CFP3-HP packaging. The portfolio includes 11 industrial, as well as 11 AEC-Q101 qualified products. This release supports the growing trend for manufacturers to replace devices in SMx-type packaging with smaller footprint CFP-packaged devices, especially in automotive applications. These diodes are suitable for use in, for example, DC-DC conversion, freewheeling, reverse polarity protection and OR-ing applications.

For maximum design flexibility, device options in this portfolio are offered with reverse voltages VR(max) ranging from 30 V to 100 V and forward currents IF(average) between 1 A and 3 A. The exposed heatsink, which is a feature of the CFP3-HP, enables it to provide the highest level of heat dissipation (Ptot) for such a small package footprint (3.7 mm x 1.8 mm x 0.9 mm).

“As the industry transitions to smaller packages like CFP, Nexperia is committed to actively contributing to this shift, reinforcing our dedication to packaging innovation,” says Frank Matschullat, Product Group Manager Power Bipolar Discretes at Nexperia. “With substantial investments in capacity expansion, we are poised to meet the increasing demand for CFP-packaged products, surpassing market expectations for the next three years. These diodes mark the latest additions to our extensive portfolio of over 270 CFP-packaged products.”

Utilizing the proprietary copper clip design, these packages meet the challenging demands of efficient and space-saving designs. Today, CFP packaging is used by different power diode technologies such as Nexperia’s Schottky and recovery rectifiers but can also be extended to bipolar transistors. It offers significant product diversity. This further solidifies Nexperia’s position as a leader in packaging innovation,offering customers the widest range of device options from a semiconductor manufacturer with a trusted supply chain.

To learn more about Nexperia’s planar Schottky diodes in CFP3-HP packaging visit: www.nexperia.com/cfp

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